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Erika Elmuts, CN, CBT, MBA

Erika Elmuts, CN, CBT, MBA

Erika Elmuts, C.N., C.B.T., M.B.A.

Erika Elmuts is an internationally-known health and wellness expert, professional speaker and educator, who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through super nutrition, detoxification, mind-body techniques and other natural methods.  She has helped tens of thousands of people get on the path to more vibrant health, through her workshops, television and radio appearances, web site, videos, speaking engagements, and private practice.  Her passion for helping families live vibrant lives has led her across the globe, where she’s spoken to audiences as large as 6,000 people.  Erika is the creator of the online course “The Cancer Prevention Blueprint,” an online private membership site “The Thriving Families Community,” and author of “The Family Guide to Detoxing your Body and Home.”

Erika also serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for Ariix, a $150+ million global company, where she collaborates closely with the Chief Product officer, Chief Medical Officer, and the product development team, to help support the formulation and development of products within six product divisions, including scientifically proven nutraceutials, anti–aging skincare, air and water purification, personal care, and essential oils.

Her extensive knowledge combined with a true passion for educating and empowering others led to her speaking in corporations, and schools about healthy nutrition, detoxification, and cancer prevention.  Erika has extensive experience integrating naturopathic protocols and supplements with allopathic medical care, including at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, where she worked in partnership with physicians, health practitioners, and patients.

Erika also has an extensive business and marketing strategy background, including recent expertise in online information product marketing.  Her past clients include Microsoft, Intuit, and Apple.  She also holds a patent for being a co-inventor of the OXO Salad Spinner, which was built from a clear understanding of customer needs (and ended up being the most successful product to have launched in the company’s long history).

Erika has written for The New York Times, and appeared on The Ricki Lake Show, The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, NBC’s Today Show online, and Time Magazine for Kids.  She has been regularly featured health and parenting expert on San Diego News 6 and Fox 5 San Diego, and her web site reaches people in over 55 countries.  Erika is trained in clinical nutrition, biofeedback, essential oils, homeopathy, vibrational medicine, applied kinesiology, flower essences, Aura Soma, and energy psychology, and has a B.A. from Harvard and an M.B.A. from Babson College.