Children & technology – what really do we need to consider? (video)

I know many of you know me for the topic of health, nutrition, and healthy families.  Yet the most press coverage I’ve gotten to date, has been around this highly controversial and difficult topic of parenting children relating to technology and social media. Just the other day, I came across this interview I did with a […]

Every human on the planet needs to watch this

If you had the ability to heal your body, would you take less than an hour to learn about it?  To genuinely listen, and learn? I have been studying Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work for years, and his pioneering work in Epigenetics (the science of consciousness) is at the crux of my conscious parenting and health […]

Why this viral video is far more than a funny Father’s Day spoof

While this video is currently going viral, as a “Happy Father’s Day” video, I wanted to share this here for more than that reason.  While many people are calling this video “hilarious” and “Oh boy I feel SO bad for that dad” I have a completely different response.  While I’m also sure this video was staged, […]

How aware are infants really?

In this week’s video post, I discuss the powerful idea about just exactly how aware infants are from the start – far more so than many people think.  Understanding this point can be a vital component to a conscious parent’s approach to their children.     Here is the clip from America’s Funniest Home videos…. […]

Conscious parenting tip: Stop talking so much!

This week’s video discusses a conscious parenting approach to a common “instinct” in parents, to explain, and to “teach” our children, and why this is not the best strategy in the long run.   Do you ever think you are “talking too much?”  How have you stopped doing this in your parenting?

Parenting picky eaters (Part 1)

In this week’s video blog, I share my perspective on how to parent a picky eater.  First, from the health perspective, and secondly, from the conscious parenting perspective.  This video is intended to give a foundation for this topic, and also some food for thought (pun intended).  🙂 Tune in next week for some more […]