Children & technology – what really do we need to consider? (video)

I know many of you know me for the topic of health, nutrition, and healthy families.  Yet the most press coverage I’ve gotten to date, has been around this highly controversial and difficult topic of parenting children relating to technology and social media. Just the other day, I came across this interview I did with a […]

Think your children aren’t eating that much sugar? Think again

Think your kids aren’t getting that much sugar? Think again…? This video shows the amount of sugar in a relatively “healthy” day of eating (as most people would consider healthy). Also, do you also consider yourself a sugar addict? Can’t imagine not reaching for something sweet after every meal? I’ve helped SO many of you […]

Alternative to microwaving – heck to the yeah!

Those of you who know me, know that I have NOT used a microwave for over a decade.   I always hear from people “well how am I supposed to heat things up then?”   If you are at home, stovetop saucepan with a little water does it within a few mins.   Yet I […]