Healthy treats for school birthday celebration

In honor of my daughter’s birthday, I wanted to bring something to the class for all the children to share.  Dreaded the idea of bringing cupcakes, or cookies – less because of the fact they aren’t the healthiest thing, but more because these children celebrate birthday parties every week and collectively, are probably eating…oh…..I’d say […]

Great Kindness Challenge January 14-18th 2013

So many of our efforts in schools is to deal with the “problems.”  As conscious parents, it is important to realize the vital importance of focusing on the good things around us as much as we can, and to teach our children to do the same.  I can’t think of a better way to start […]

Conscious Parenting idea: Do your part

A fundamental aspect of conscious parenting is realizing that your actions have repercussions beyond your own family.  What you do impacts others, whether you do it consciously, or unconsciously. Two years ago, I observed something at my daughter’s school, that I wanted to change. And here’s what I did about it.

Oh no! Am I THAT mom??

We all know THAT mom. The one that is a pain in the ass, the one that all the other mothers see and just expect a difficult time from.  The one that instills some sort of controversy wherever she goes.  Or in my case, the one that might make another parent squirm a bit because […]

Helping our schools will reach many more children

One of the most important missions has is to help influence communities to better support our children’s health. By donating our time to work with schools, has the chance to make some small changes, that will affect many. Some things we are working on: Shifting the food policies within a school to ensure […]