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whatisyourplanbOK my friends, my peers, the 40 something crowd…..I’m speaking to you.

How would you like to own your life?

You’ve have reached this point in life, and if you are anything like me, you’re wondering how it all has already gone by so quickly.

You’ve got the family. The career. The house. The things you need to live your life.

But maybe you are bored. You look ahead to the future and think “I have probably 20 more years of this path? Ugh.”

Even if you have had your “success” and had a career that has provided you a nice life.

Do you ever wonder if there’s more?

More meaning? Less about earning a paycheck and having a deep desire inside stirring to make a difference in the world?

Cliche, I know, but there’s a reason people usually go through some form of mid-life crisis.

Or maybe you are like me. Your kids are getting older, are still in the house.

But you’re realizing time is flying by.

You don’t want to look back once they leave the nest, and yearn to have had more quality time, creating memories, having adventures with them because you were too busy earning a living to be able to live for your weekends and few weeks of vacation every year?

Maybe you are good with all of that. Content, for the most part.

Or maybe you’ve got this little voice nudging you, knowing you want more, but are not quite sure what that looks like.

Time magazine statistic on retirement savings

Plenty of my friends are highly successful, accomplished men and women. They have the house, the car, the 2.3 children, they take a vacation or two a year.

They’re happy.

Or are they?

They are what I call cash rich, yet time poor.

Spouses don’t see each other but for a little in the evening, and on weekends.

I have one friend who lives in Connecticut, and her husband works in New York City and leaves before the kids get up to commute into the city, and he gets home after they’ve already gone to bed.

I get sad thinking he’s missing so much of their childhood.

Or maybe you are like my other friends, who have left their corporate gigs, the proverbial rat race, who are now successful business owners. They have decided to be their own boss, run the show, and have flexibility that comes from not being an employee for someone else.

But almost all of them, work insane hours. In order to be successful, what seems like the American dream of owning your own business, turns into the business soon owning you. This is true of brick and mortar businesses in particular.

Maybe you are part of the 1099 crowd

If you are like many of my friends, you are so busy working for your current clients, that you don’t have much time to prospect for new ones, and sometimes find yourself in a panic when a contract isn’t renewed.

You are still trading time for dollars, but when you own your own business, you pretty much work every day, all day because that’s what you do.

Or you work like a crazy person, taking on too much because you know you’ll inevitably have a “down” time in your business, and you’re doing the smart thing.

At least in a job, you get nights and weekends off. And paid vacations.

Is it worth it?

The answer for me, is a resounding NO.

I made a decision 18 months ago that was fueled by a burning desire to not miss my life. Or my daughter’s.

As a single mom, I had been off and on self-employed for over a decade. At times, I had to “go get a steady job” to make ends meet. I put my business on the back burner in exchange for stability and a steady paycheck. That’s the responsible thing to do, right?

Until my life became quite hellish. A story for another day, but let’s just say it was hurting my family, my daughter, and myself in a way that I decided it was not worth it.

I absolutely refused to sacrifice my family, to make a buck and use my skills to make someone else rich. I knew there was a better way.


Jumping ahead, I’m now running a full-time consulting business, on my own terms, working with clients that are in alignment with my personal mission – to help people live healthier lives. I’m blending my naturopathic knowledge with my strategy, marketing and online background and it is currently how I earn a full-time living.

Yup, I’m back to being a 1099-er.

Even though I’m self-employed, and I am my own boss, have flexibility, and all those perks that come with that life, my income is still 100% based on trading time for dollars. Thank goodness I don’t have employees, or much overhead, like other business owners I know.

It’s a step in the right direction, but what happens if I want to take a couple of weeks off? Take a vacation? My income would as well.

If people truly understood the concept of residual income, they would walk through brick walls to get it.

But I want more. Maybe you do, too

I want more peace of mind, time freedom, and the ability to share adventures with my little one before she leaves home to start her own life as an adult. I’ve got only 7 more years until that happens, and I don’t want to waste another minute of that time.

So what exactly am I doing about that?

I’m running a 2nd business. I’m building a leveraged network of consumers and other distributors becomes an income-producing asset, which pays me whether or not I choose to work that particular day. Residually.

I’m planting a seed for another income stream so that I’m never dependent upon just one, and I like to think of it as “income insurance.”

This “seed” is through a vehicle called network marketing.


What do Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, all have in common?

Obvious answer –They are among the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. A combined net worth of over $71.5 billion

What ELSE do they have in common?

That “thing” you have heard of? That you think is a pyramid? But you can’t quite explain if your life depended on it?

Yeah, that. They believe wholeheartedly in the business model of network marketing . MLM. Whatever you choose to call it – that’s what I’m referring to.

So much so, that Branson and Buffet are both investors in multiple network marketing companies.

Brilliant business men. Might they know something you don’t?

An industry that worldwide is generates close to $200 Billion in annual sales, and pays out approximately 40% of that to the distributors who are responsible for those sales.

An industry that has grown up, gone through it’s growing pains, and is today more vibrant than ever.

My story

I joined my first “thing” in 2002. The business model made complete sense to me. Though I was not a salesperson, I recognized the potential of leverage and loved the idea of residual income. I had read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and knew I wanted to find a way to create this in my life.

Worked it pretty seriously. Had some ups, and downs. I felt like in that time I got a PhD in network marketing, and was grateful for the personal growth that came from working that business.

Left in 2006. Decided that while I loved the business model, the opportunity, the products, that it “just wasn’t for me.” Or I wasn’t cut out to be successful in it. I continued to sing the praises of the industry any time someone brought it up, but I retired from it in 2006.

I swore I would never do network marketing again.

On top of that, when I opened my naturopathic practice that same year, I especially thought I would never build a network marketing business again, because I wanted to remain “professionally neutral.” I was not simply a your average rep who sold a health product, I was now an educated naturopath that wanted to recommend things that were best for my client, and not because I was a distributor for a particular company.

Because I had a good practice going, and had built good relationships, I got approached countless times to join companies, and while I used some of the products, I never was going to build a business with any of them.

Or so I thought.

In January 2013, I got approached by a colleague of mine who was also a naturopath. I saw her doing well, and balancing the professional neutrality, so I said yes. Worked that business for about 8 months part-time. Then I stopped actively building (for a variety of reasons, a story for another day). I continued to use the product, and sell a little here and there to people who knew I was part of that company, but I ultimately shifted my professional efforts elsewhere.

Yet over time, my checks continued to grow

Even though I have not worked that business in 3 years, I get paid residually for the hard work I did back then. That network of customers and distributors has continued to grow, and last year generated close to $1 million in revenue.

Does that happen often in this industry? Heck NO! That’s an incredible exception to the rule.

It usually takes years of hard work and dedication to get to that point. I am sharing this not to be the typical hype-y network marketing rep – perpetuating the myth that success happens overnight or you just need to do a little and then you’ll be free.

I’m sharing it because it’s my truth, and what happened to ME.

So why do I share that?

Because it’s proof that it works

The business model is real.

(Remember, I also built another business for 4 years and ended up with zero residual income, so I have had the opposite experience as well.

Late in 2014, I learned about a company through a new couple that had moved into my neighborhood. At first, I was not even going to entertain the idea, because I was busy working on other projects.

A few months later, I looked at one of the products. I was immediately impressed with the ingredients, and I wanted to use it. It got my attention.

I then sat down with the visionary woman who together with an extraordinary team of scientists, physicians, and other health professionals, developed these products, and I realized I had found a home.

What I had been seeking without even knowing it, was a home where I believed fully in the products. In the development philosophy of efficacy, purity, backed by clinical science. Products that work. I even worked at the homeopathic pharmacy at one of the top integrative medical centers in the world, where we used only professional grade nutraceuticals, and these were even cleaner than 99% of those brands we used.

That, got my attention.

Having spent almost a decade establishing my professional reputation in this field, it was not something I thought I would do – but it wasn’t even an option not to align with this company.

I was offered the opportunity to be a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, where I would be involved with the development of leading-edge products, based on science.

I said yes immediately to being able to collaborate with an incredible team of other health professionals, physicians, scientists, and the woman responsible for this line of products that were fully in alignment with my philosophies on health.

Why am I doing this? That’s easy – I’m creating multiple streams of income

I am building an asset – that is also a safety net.

As a single mother, I will always choose to have multiple streams of income.

I will not ever rely on one source of income, especially a job. At any moment, someone else can decide that they can find someone to do my job for less money. Or whatever reason they decide is justification for being let go.

I’ve been in the situation more than once where I wake up one morning and go to work, only to get called into someone’s office and told that the company is doing layoffs.

Even though every single one of my performance reviews has always been positive, and I got along with co-workers, that never guaranteed me anything, as I soon discovered not long after getting my master’s degree at age 25.

If you’ve had that happen to you – you know the feeling.

In an instant, your status quo changes from comfort to panic and a WTF moment of “What am I going to do now?”

It was one thing when I was single and just had myself to worry about.

It’s another thing altogether when it’s solely up to me to provide a roof over our heads, food on the table, and clothes on our backs. I don’t have a partner to help me, financially or emotionally, so there is no wiggle room for failure.

In the almost 15 years since I was first introduced to this industry, I have noticed a shift. I have seen a growth in many more professional, successful people, turning to this industry as a way to increase their financial security.

For some, it’s about being part of something fun, inspiring, and meaningful. A business model that encourages cooperation, helping others, leadership, and teamwork – and helping people improve their lives – perhaps to be healthier, helping them financially so that they can be less stressed, or have more flexibility and freedom.

Think of it – what other business can you start, with little capital or overhead, where you can make it what you want, with the only limit on your income being what you choose to do or not do every day?

Every business takes hard work. Dedication. Sacrifice in the early stages.

Network marketing is no different. You work your ass off. You have major ups and downs. You have uncertainty and doubt. You have some people who do it the wrong way who make it harder for the rest of us. But there are far more incredible, giving, heart-centered people who truly want to create a life they can enjoy for their family – and help others achieve the same.

Curious? Wonder if it might be a vehicle to consider?

If you’ve secretly been curious about this business model, but haven’t looked into it because you don’t want to say no to a friend in case it’s not for you, I’m here to set your mind at ease.

This model and business is not a fit for everyone.

While many people think this is a business of the masses, I want to work only with people who want what this has to offer, and are willing to grow, learn, and put the effort into building this asset.

If you genuinely want to learn about it, I will always be open, honest, and direct with you. Zero hype. No platitudes. No pressure. Just information, so you can choose for yourself.

Many top earners in this industry at the beginning admit to pre-judging and assuming they knew what it was all about. And it was only once they opened their minds and began to listen, that they saw something that intrigued them and ultimately ended up becoming their profession.

Some even only joined to make an extra $1,000 a month, part-time. Yet soon discovered there was much more this industry had to offer.

And to think they almost missed it.

It makes no difference to me what you ultimately decide – because I’m committed and will be working closely with those that are hungry and truly want to live a different life, and help others to achieve the same.

After hearing more, should you decide it’s not something you want to pursue, it makes no difference to me and you won’t need to worry that I will keep bugging you about it.

If you are wondering, wanting to learn more to see if it might be an option for you, please email me and we can set up a short, initial 10 minute phone conversation to see if there might be a potential fit.

There’s no need for either of us to invest a lot of time if there’s not a possibility of this being a match. If at that point, there’s something worth discussing further, then we can discuss next steps and I’ll get you more information and details so you can determine what’s best for you.

If after that first conversation, you aren’t interested in learning more, we go about continuing the relationship we had prior to that phone call. You won’t need to worry that I will continue to bug you about it. In fact, I will appreciate you for being honest and direct with me.

I will help you

One of the things I love about this business model, is that even though we are independent business owners, we work together to support each other the entire way. Inherent in the model is teamwork and cooperation, and helping those you work with achieve their goals and help them succeed.

For some, it may be to simply earn a few hundred extra dollars a month to put towards a family vacation fund.

For others, it is to use some products they love, get them at wholesale cost, and will share them with a few people they know.

And let’s be honest, some people do this to take advantage of incredible tax write offs for running a part-time business.

For a few, it might be to replace their full time job income so that they can enjoy flexibility and freedom that they lack working for someone else.

What I love is that I get to work with people that I care about. I’m working with friends I’ve known most of my life, former colleagues, acquaintances, even some of my closest friends.

What I also love is I get to meet complete strangers, that I never would have met, who soon become close friends and almost like family to me. Because of this business, I’ve got friends in foreign countries, and new amazing strong women I never would have met, were it not for this business model.

Currently, I’m working with lawyers, marketing executives, successful professionals who want more time freedom, Olympic athletes, business owners who want to not have their business own them anymore, and working moms who don’t want to miss their children’s childhood.

Unlike corporate America, where everyone is always climbing to the top, and is ultimately every man/woman for themselves, network marketing works when you help other people achieve their goals. Help them rise to the top. Help them get whatever it is they want.

Leadership at it’s finest. We are a volunteer army, and you can’t “make” someone do something. Building relationships is paramount, and as the saying goes, “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

I’m working with incredibly strong women on my team, who are successful professionals – they have the money, the job, the house, the family. But they are wanting more from life. Just like I do. Together, we’re making it happen.

Do any of these traits describe you?

These are the qualities I look for in determining who I partner with:

  • Positive mindset
  • Into personal growth
  • You love to learn
  • You are passionate about helping families live better lives, with less financial stress and more quality time to spend together
  • You’re a go-getter
  • Love to help people
  • Want to impact people in a meaningful way
  • Want to work with people you like, and who inspire you
  • You’re a natural leader
  • You have a solid network of people who respect you because you operate with high integrity in everything you do
  • You don’t give up when things get tough
  • You love connecting people
  • You love to teach
  • You’re loyal, honest, and high integrity
  • Entrepreneurial

Intrigued? Curious? Want to learn more?
Please fill out this contact form and I look forward to connecting.