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No Crisco for me!

  I came across this photo today in an old folder on my computer and felt compelled to post this. Kirlian photography takes an image of an object’s energy field. In this particular photo, it’s comparing the energy field of a raw food vs. a cooked version, and also olive oil vs. refined lard. Some […]

Sugar at breakfast

So this morning, my 6 year old was asking for maple syrup with her organic chicken sausage instead of ketchup (though that is not much of an improvement over the syrup in terms of sugar content).  I usually feed her a solid protein breakfast, as she’s super active and she gets a lot of sugar […]

A few Abraham quotes from the workshop

Better than I thought it would be.  For anyone who has ever experienced a workshop like this, you know what I’m talking about.  It was surreal to be in the room with so many people all understanding and learning these principles, it was a phenomenal way to spend half of a Saturday. Unfortunately, I was […]

My heart aches right now

Today was one of those moments as a parent where it just hurts.  I dropped my daughter off at summer camp at our athletic club, where she has been many times before.  All week, she has known she is going, and has voiced her displeasure of going there.  Unfortunately, both her dad and I have […]

This Deepak Chopra quote sums it all up for me

“A lifetime of unconscious living leads to numerous deteriorations, while a lifetime of conscious participation prevents them.” –      Deepak Chopra This quote graced the home page of my previous web site for the last four years.  It captures the essence of my life’s philosophy, and vision for this web site.  While I’ve worked with adults […]

Who am I?

Like everyone, I am a lot of things.  For the purposes of this blog, you mostly care about my professional background.   You can click here to view my professional bio. In summary, I’ve had a healing practice for the last four years.  I am a clinical nutritionist, certified biofeedback technician, natural health educator, writer, […]

How I got here

My passion is sharing knowledge with others, and I’ve done that through a variety of ways.  I’ve taught in-person seminars and teleclasses, and have spoken at companies as part of their wellness programs.  I pretty much say yes to any speaking opportunity I get to share my experience with others, in hopes that they may […]

Originally posted September 10, 2008: A Mom’s angst

I set this blog up a while ago, with the intention of sharing thoughts and ideas, answering questions that I get asked often, and commenting on information that comes across my daily practice of conscious health. Just in the last few days, it has become very clear to me what this may end up being […]