health-photoWhen I was 27, I was diagnosed
with an “incurable” disease.

I was told I’d need to get ready for a life of ups and downs, daily multiple doses of medication, compromised ability to have children, and to “get ready to live the life of a sick person.”

Flash forward.

I am now 16 years without medication, recurrence of my disease, or living like a sick person.

Am I “cured?”

I don’t know.  (How does one actually “prove” that anyway?)

All I know is that I am healthier now in my 40s, than I was in my 20s.

It is because of this experience that I made a radical decision more than a decade ago, to dedicate my life to inspiring hope.

To educating others that they are not their diagnosis. They are not stuck in their current reality.

That they can be healthier tomorrow than they are today. The human body creates new cells daily – and you have 99% of a brand new body in 6 weeks (and fully within 2 years).

Why is our current “reality” consist of everything just always going downhill?

The uphill is not only possible, but common for the people I work with.

Not long after starting my private practice, I felt a yearning to do more. To impact more people than I could seeing them 1:1 in my office.   I was having such great results with my clients, that I felt like I was losing out on the chance to make a major difference in the lives of far more people than I could physically see day to day in my practice.

I began teaching.

I did my first webinar in 2007 (about detoxification), when nobody knew what a webinar really was, nor did people know how to leverage them properly. Nobody knew how to do them well, how to market them, and how to build a business helping others through education.

It was clear there was a massive opportunity to leverage the internet and video/audio platforms to teach, but no one had figured it out yet. The information education industry was just beginning to form. There were no seminars, or education around how to do this yet. Now, it’s a multi-million dollar industry.

sun-safetey-segmentSince then, I’ve continued to find opportunities to share what I know. To open people’s eyes. To giving them hope to know there are options to whatever they have been told.

The human body can do so much, when given the right tools and raw materials.

Nothing I teach or say is unique to me. I am not a guru or the “be it end all” expert in any way.

The longer I’m in this field the more I realize I need to learn.

But I know what I know.

I have witnessed what I have experienced with my clients. I have researched and studied so many aspects of naturopathic health, that I feel confident in what I know.

Do I know everything? Heck no. Not even close. And I am not afraid to admit when there is something I’m not sure about. One could dedicate their entire lifetime to learning everything possible about health and still not scratch the surface of what really exists.

What I do know, is what is possible.

What the mainstream system of western medicine tells you is not possible. Not likely. Hocus pocus. Not “scientifically proven.” What they mean when they tell you that is that they have not taken the time to learn about it.

Much, if not all, of what I talk about and share, actually is.

Proven, documented, or at least open to consideration in the scientific community. Not explainable by what is “seen.”

If deep down in your soul you have a knowing that things don’t have to be this way, and that you can be living a more vibrant life, please reach out to me.   If you are tired of being in pain, having low energy, not sleeping well, gaining weight despite nothing changing in your habits, I’m here to tell you it can be better.