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Why you can’t always trust health headlines – even from reputable sources! (video)

Health related headlines are so confusing, right? Here’s why you can’t necessarily trust information, even from the most reputable sources. Don’t believe everything you read from Erika on Vimeo. This video is an excerpt from my online cancer prevention course. To attend a live and interactive webinar about 3 things every family must know about preventing […]

Could your WIFI be harming your health? (video)

Have you ever stopped to think about the effect wifi and cellular signals have on your body?  Here’s a short video that explains exactly how they are negatively impacting our health. To learn more in-depth about the impact of EMFs, and more importantly what you can do about them, I teach these in my online […]

Think your children aren’t eating that much sugar? Think again

Think your kids aren’t getting that much sugar? Think again…😳 This video shows the amount of sugar in a relatively “healthy” day of eating (as most people would consider healthy). Also, do you also consider yourself a sugar addict? Can’t imagine not reaching for something sweet after every meal? I’ve helped SO many of you […]