A parenting “win”

We all have those moments.  Where amongst all the doubt, the uncertainty, and the journey, we get a sign. We get a sign, that even though we make mistakes, and we aren’t perfect as parents, that perhaps we are doing something right. Maybe we aren’t as “together” as we thought we’d be as a parent. […]

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A moment in time

I had one of those moments today……you know, those moments that touch your heart, and you wish you could bottle it.   Freeze time in some way.  Capture it on instant replay in your mind and relive it when you feel down. But you can’t. This Monday morning, I was dropping my 9 year old off […]

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A Conscious Parent’s Guide to Summer

It’s summer! Kids are out of school! Beautiful weather, longer days, family vacations, more playdates, the list goes on and on! Aaaannnnd then, reality hits. (Yes, it’s OK to sort of dread this time of year. ) It is during the summer months, or school vacations in general, that I get the most frantic “We […]

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Conscious Parenting on Girlfriends Talk Radio

Tune in 12 noon EST / 9am PST Wednesday June 4, 2014 for a live conscious parenting event! We will be giving away some parenting programs, and 5 viewers will win a spot to participate in a personal group coaching call with me to be able to ask your parenting questions!  We’ll also be “chatting” live […]

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