Polysorbate 80 in a “health” product?

Cancer promoting ingredient in a “health” product?

I spend probably 80% of my teaching time on educating people to “look under the hood.”

To look beyond marketing hype and dig deeper.

The first place I start is by looking at ingredients in so-called “health products.” (If you’ve seen any of my videos, you know this about me).

Not a day goes by where I find multiple examples of deception and “health” companies using cheap ingredients that do anything BUT promote health.

Here’s a product that has been promoted as helping maintain cellular health and regeneration, and help reduce the negative impacts of oxidative stress. In other words, this product has been marketed (ahem) as “cancer preventative.”

While some of the ingredients may support that goal, I want to call your attention to one listed here under “Other ingredients.” Polysorbate 80. Used as an emulsifier in everything from food, to supplements to vaccines….it’s damaging to the immune system, causes inflammation, disrupts your gut micro biome, to name a few things.

So let me summarize – a product promoted to prevent cancer, that contains a cancer promoting ingredient?

What ingredients have you discovered are not health promoting in YOUR products?