How I got here

My passion is sharing knowledge with others, and I’ve done that through a variety of ways.  I’ve taught in-person seminars and teleclasses, and have spoken at companies as part of their wellness programs.  I pretty much say yes to any speaking opportunity I get to share my experience with others, in hopes that they may be nudged forth towards living a healthier life for them and their families.

As I was contemplating what best to share with people, things in my life began to take shape that made it clear where there was a real need for support.  I have a natural healing practice, am educated in these principles and practice them with myself and my daughter, yet I still find myself all alone – often.  I long for contact with other moms who have the same philosophy that I do, and hear how they manage to face the challenges that come their way.  Sometimes I feel like I’m swimming alone, against a Niagra Falls magnitude force, pushing forward with my “agenda” if you will.  I’m not even talking about having others change their lives, as much as I am trying to just figure out how to live mine, and my daughter’s.  What should be something that I should be able to practice within my own home, turns into a daily struggle against the tide, which makes me feel like I’m losing the battle.

For some, this blog is going to be simply a validation of what you are going through – that you aren’t alone.  For others, it will be a practical guide to how to handle the tough situations, and ideas to help navigate daily life in today’s processed food society.  And for some, this blog will be a great thing to share their family members, to help them understand that what they are preaching about is real, and perhaps the information will help those family members make it easier to keep their strategy going.  And for most, it will be some combination of those things.  Heck, I’m even hoping that this information becomes a ground swell, that gets people talking even more than they already are, and brings about some real change.

Our kids, who are our future, deserve the best chance for a strong and vibrant life.

Let’s make it easier to make that happen.

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